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It’s not extraordinary today to expect to work about 11 jobs during your lifetime! While you may already know these statistics, most people still believe they will work only a select few jobs, which can make changing a career enormously difficult. Although people change careers frequently throughout their lifetime, many are woefully unprepared for the task. Even those who know initially they want to change career paths many times know little about where to get started.

This is where I come in – Enter Career Coaching

As a professional Career Coach I’m familiar with the nerve-wracking challenges you may be facing. My mission is to assist you to gain more self-confidence and explore solutions to your career fulfillment. With real-world clinical and career knowledge I treat you as a whole person rather than a person only focusing on career challenges. Working together, we’ll set both short and long term goals, create measurable outcomes and timelines and help focus our work to make our time more productive and more accountable. Whatever professional goals you wish to define and in spite of various obstacles that may arise, I am holistically equipped to help you push past them and shape your coaching program to meet you where you are in your career.

Even if you aren’t changing careers, and want to get the most out of your current career, my services can give you the boost you may need. There are plenty of different issues in the business world and you may want to work on one or more of the specific areas listed below:

  • Career Transition
  • Career Development
  • Resume & Interview
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Workplace Bullying

Career Coaching is intensive and highly personal. Working with me you’ll have someone who has been there and done that -- someone who has experience with a variety of careers and personal contacts, and who has pushed her clients to raise the bar and challenge their potential. Working together, first we’ll determine exactly what your career goals are. Your goal(s) may be to switch to a more rewarding career; or reach a higher-ranking position in your current career; or you want to learn how to be happier and more effective in you current career. Regardless of your goal, I’ll help you map it out and measure your progress. Along the way, I’ll hold you accountable and support you when you feel overwhelmed.

No matter what you’re looking for in your career I’d like to help you achieve that success. We can work on negotiation, public speaking, marketing yourself as an employee, networking, and much more. You can use these skills to reach your goal(s) whatever they may be. Although finding a new career, or even finding success in your current one can be a difficult endeavor, I would be honored to work with you to inspire you on your journey and push you reach your full potential.

Where can you turn for answers?

Work with me – you’ll get the help you need and the answers you seek. I am warm and approachable; I can even laugh a little. We'll explore together yesterday’s issues to harness your strengths. You’ll reconcile your burdens, manage your challenges, and realize your dreams to heal the past and recover your psychological performance. You’ll control the logjams, get unstuck, and jump into life for new beginnings.

Therapeutic Counseling

Individual & Group


Packages Available

Fee: $140 - $175

You need a Therapeutic Counselor

· To understand the connection of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for personal growth

· To resolve past issues that deter your performance

· To address the past to heal pain & internal conflict

· To come to terms with complex emotions

· To explore ancient scars & mend old wounds

· To manage existing conditions for a stable reality

· To defeat complex feelings that impede health & wellbeing

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Irene Klotz, ACC, LMSW, CPT
Certified - Worldwide; Licensed - NY State
3265 Johnson Avenue
Suite 100
Riverdale section of the Bronx
New York 10463

Telephone: 718-708-4188 Cell: 917-796-4456

Irene Klotz, Health Advocate and professional Life Coach providing medical expertise for chronic illness and pain, empowered health and survival, wellness, and therapeutic counseling for emotional challenges. 

Sessions by appointment at home, your doctor's office, by FaceTime or Skype, or at her Riverdale office accessible by auto or public transportation.