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  • You're rarely excited with each new day and can't discern your life's true purpose.
  • You're overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and feel like life is on auto-pilot.
  • You have no time for yourself, no freedom, and no time to do the things you love.
  • Your life has lost its 'zing' and you question your self-worth and personal abilities.
  • You're STUCK in a dreary, uninspiring job that sucks the energy out of your soul.
  • You crave more challenging work that lights you up and drives your brain cells.
  • You want a meaningful career that's more inspiring and financially rewarding.
  • You've decided on a new career but your fear keeps 'change' in the balance.
  • You're sick of your chronic illness, hate the stigma, and want better treatment.
  • You don't get diagnostic clarity from your medical providers during appointments.
  • You're confused and puzzled about interactions of your prescriptive medications.
  • You're decision-dizzy from too many directives from too many medical providers.

If you identify with any of the scenarios above, you're not alone . Each of us has been there and felt the same. In fact, many of my clients were in the same place before they came to me for help.

The good news? I've seen too many different problems and conditions and usually (more often than not) they're way easier to correct than you might imagine.

If you're eager, willing, and committed, usually I can help you improve matters fairly quickly .


  • Get a step-by-step action plan
  • Create a clear vision of your ideal life
  • Discover your passion and what really lights you up
  • Recognize your top priorities and maintain your emotional focus
  • Replace old negative habits with positive dreams
  • Ditch the time wasters and overcome procrastination
  • Get unstuck, embrace change, and nurture your creativity
  • Re-gain your confidence and self-esteem and trust yourself again
  • Break free from limiting beliefs of financial security
  • Identify self-sabotaging habits, hidden obstacles, and root causes of fear
  • Find increased meaning and satisfaction in your work
  • Make career decisions that align with you core values
  • Eliminate negative emotions, self-talk, and become more positive
  • Request clarified medical information from your healthcare provider
  • Find top-notch qualified physicians for diagnostic clarity
  • Locate a competent and skilled Medical Advocate for your medical needs

Impossible - you say? Together, we'll accomplish all of this and more!


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Irene Klotz, ACC, LMSW, CPT
Certified - Worldwide; Licensed - NY State
3265 Johnson Avenue
Suite 100
Riverdale section of the Bronx
New York 10463

Telephone: 718-708-4188 Cell: 917-796-4456

Irene Klotz, Health Advocate and professional Life Coach providing medical expertise for chronic illness and pain, empowered health and survival, wellness, and therapeutic counseling for emotional challenges. 

Sessions by appointment at home, your doctor's office, by FaceTime or Skype, or at her Riverdale office accessible by auto or public transportation.