I am humbled to work with my clients

Their relationships are my most valuable asset

Irene's my personal life coach champion! When I started working with her, I was feeling confused, run-down, and frustrated. My health and career were taking me through major transitions; I felt overwhelmed, uncertain, and uneasy. By the end of our series, I felt empowered and at peace with myself and my decisions to support my wellbeing. Finally, I could let go of the guilt that was eating away my strength. Forever, I'll be grateful to Irene.
--Valerie, age 49

I came to Irene at the lowest point in my life and upon meeting her I immediately knew I was in good hands. Over time, we worked on getting over this hurdle and found myself more than ready for the next chapter of my life. I will forever be grateful to Irene for what she has done as she made me understand myself more than ever before.
--Diony, age 28

Irene understands about being pushed overboard. She knows how to throw effective lifelines to those of us who are still adrift.
--Pete, age 37

I've seen too many therapists. By the time I got to you I was worn out. At first, I wanted to quit. I was angry, I was infuriated. But I hung in there and so did you. You hoped for both of us and now, I'm finally graduating from college. Thank you for my life.
-- Molly , age 24

You're the only counselor who knows about 'Benzos' and their interactions with other meds. Why don't they ever talk about how tough it is to break the habits other docs prescribe?
-- Anonymous male , age 30

I never heard of a medical health advocate. Now, doctor appointments are less stressful and, I get help remembering what questions to ask. Thank you Rene Klotz for helping me think straight.
-- Charlotte , age 57

Rene Klotz you're cool! I love the way you talk to me honestly and openly about my epilepsy. You're not afraid of my seizures and you explain how I actually live a real life!
-- Samantha , age 11

Before I got your name from a friend of mine I felt helpless, rushed, and terrified at every medical appointment. Now, it's smooth sailing with my RK advocate!
-- Richard , age 18

"Keeping life balanced" says it all. Thank you for making me understand information about my health during medical appointments. Knowing you're there keeps my mind balanced.
-- Julian , age 62

Finally, a trained professional who provides a safe place to talk about my anxieties and medical fears. Irene knows health care and medications. Her strength is there when I need it!
-- Jill , age 33

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone who will listen to every word before making a judgment? I found her - Irene's the one!"
-- Anonomous male , age 55

"...And you finally pick your head up and see the world around you, it's just so beautiful. It's just...oh, my God, I'm so glad I lived! That's when you realize you need balance. I seek that now all the time."
-- Bette Midler , legendary singer/actress, for AARP Magazine, Oct/Nov 2012

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Irene Klotz, ACC, LMSW, CPT
Certified - Worldwide; Licensed - NY State
3265 Johnson Avenue
Suite 100
Riverdale section of the Bronx
New York 10463

Telephone: 718-708-4188 Cell: 917-796-4456

Irene Klotz, Health Advocate and professional Life Coach providing medical expertise for chronic illness and pain, empowered health and survival, wellness, and therapeutic counseling for emotional challenges. 

Sessions by appointment at home, your doctor's office, by FaceTime or Skype, or at her Riverdale office accessible by auto or public transportation.