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Here's What I do:

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I combine my formal training in Social Work (LMSW), medical research and family counseling (more than twenty years), with cutting edge certified methods in Life and Career Coaching, Medical Counseling, and the latest studies and techniques of neuroscience and genetics. We'll develop a structured step-by-step 'Plan of Balance' action-oriented, unique to your needs, and totally focused on your desired outcomes.

With 100% personalized guidance, we'll work together in a unique partnership to embrace change and get you unSTUCK in any part of life where you want to improve so you can thrive and let your life soar.

In a caring environment, I'll help you break through the blockades and virtual walls that have kept you STUCK (maybe for years) and shift your mindset in ways you never thought possible.

My counseling sessions can be over the phone or via Skype or Zoom. I can work with you in my office, conveniently located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx or at your home or office. I can accompany you to medical appointments for diagnostic clarity and treatment assessment. Choose any one of these service locations and there's no need to worry about long wait time or crowded waiting rooms.

Why is my Coaching different from all others?

A Personal Touch

No one likes working on an important issue with a professional who makes you feel like just another number with a dollar sign over your head!

For me Coaching and Medical Counseling is not just a gig or service - something I do to keep busy... It is a professional partnership and a unique relationship I take seriously. I treat every client, without exception, as I would like to be treated myself - with dignity, respect, and integrity.

We all have struggles; my clients have included:

  • The eight-year old devastated as the relationship with her very best friend unraveled,
  • The middle school student coming to terms with his mother’s terminal illness and ultimate death,
  • The adolescent who received a successful liver transplant in infancy only to endure emotional torment by his peers about his lingering scars into adolescent years,
  • The successful professional on the plus side of forty, spurned by her business partner struggling to embrace change and a new career,
  • The physician forced into early retirement grappling with a new way to use his medical training in a different setting,
  • The recent college graduate exuberant from academia but wrestling with the reality of non-existent creative and lucrative careers,
  • T he middle-aged mom having raised a family for twenty years with no work experience outside the home struggling with an equitable vision.

Open Communication

I follow your story with open and honest communication because I know you must develop trust and a secure relationship. When you engage with a professional, you shouldn't need to feel hesitant about communicating your deepest, inner most feelings.

Professional Training

Anyone can call him or herself a Coach. Unfortunately, there are thousands of unqualified coaches out there who never have been trained or certified, never have been coached or mentored personally and, unfortunately have little or no idea of how to provide optimal results for their clients.

As a licensed social worker, a certified Life and Career Coach and Medical Counselor with more than twenty years experience, I bring a unique synthesis of social work, family counseling, health advocacy, medical research. and the rigorous training and mentoring required to become certified. Your advantage is working with an experienced ally who is fully committed to your success.

I maintain continuing education with the latest research and discoveries in the field of coaching, career qualifications, medicine, social work, neuroscience, and human potential so I can provide the most favorable solutions for my clients. In addition to having a BA and MSW, I have membership, certification, and training from IOC (International Organization of Coaching), a celebrated organization linked to Harvard Medical School accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) - dedicated to preserving the integrity of coaching. What does all this mean? I am bound by a code of ethics that sets the highest standard for the profession and ensures that I have only your best interest at heart.

As you might be aware of already, there are tens of thousands of people out there who call themselves Life Coaches or Medical Counselors and Advocates. Bottom line - we each have different skillsets and areas of expertise; our approaches and styles are totally different and range from similar to polar opposites.

So after you have read the lists below and think we might resonate together, let's connect.

We'll work well together and you'll see positive results if...

  • You're open and ready to embrace change.
  • You're willing to look at your life objectively, reassess your deep-seated beliefs, habits, thought patterns, and values.
  • You believe that you get out of life what you put into it.
  • You're motivated about making profound, positive changes in areas of your life to create a new pattern on track and seek accountability.
  • You feel you're here for a greater purpose than just 'existing,' that life is short and precious, and the key to your success is your personal responsibility.

Then again, maybe we won't be a great fit for each other if...

  • You want a pollyannish, New Agey, woo-woo professional - sorry I'm not the one!
  • You think it's cool to have a Life Coach, but don't want to do the homework to embrace change. ( I can't wave my magic Life-Coaching wand and present you with the life of your dreams - POOF! I can be the sherpa for your journey, but you'll have to hike the path!)
  • You think it's even cooler to have a Medical Counselor 'just in case' you get sick or need someone to wisk away the stigma of your chronic illness.
  • You feel your diagnosis is your burden and yoke for some mystifying punishment.
  • You think life is unfair and the world owes you a living or both.
  • You have serious commitment issues keeping your word and not doing things you promise to do.
  • You have diagnosed psychological issues including clinical depression, severe anxiety, phobias resistant to change, trauma that affects your ability to function, or addiciton issues that aren't being treated by a medical professional.


  • People stuck at various stages of their personal and professional life
  • Creative persons searching for financial support and self-expression
  • Aspiring (or established) entrepreneurs needing essential framework
  • Willing to fit adaptable solutions to themselves and their problems
  • Courageous enough to face their anxieties, concerns, doubts, and fears
  • Believing in gateways to change and guidance to a positive future
  • Resilient enough to pick yourself up when they get knocked down
  • Anxious about their health and navigating complex medical systems
  • Trusting that I will follow their story and give them enough time
  • Inquisitive about alternative methods regarding their healthcare
  • Intent on diverse careers and financial paths to express creativity
  • Enthralled by logistic framework and ways to make visions a reality
  • Curious about progress between research and their medical diagnosis
  • Eager to embrace change and gain emotional focus with inspiring work
  • Yearning to discover ignored talents and seeking financial security
  • Mindful of pharmaceutical interactions and medication half-lives
  • Aware of the 20-80 law of Coaching and Medical Counseling and Advocacy:
    • 20% of our time we spend together
    • 80% of our time you apply what we discuss
    • 100% of our time you bring me feedback
  • Excited about praising the benefit of my services and our work together

You may not be my client now but if you found yourself on the above list, please call me to see if we're a good fit. If you need help with life’s challenges, career fulfillment, or relief from medical and health issues I would be honored to have you as one of my ‘most fitting’ clients.

Given all of the above, if you think working with me at Keeping Life Balanced would fit your needs, then let's connect for a quick chat.


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Irene Klotz, ACC, LMSW, CPT
Certified - Worldwide; Licensed - NY State
3265 Johnson Avenue
Suite 100
Riverdale section of the Bronx
New York 10463

Telephone: 718-708-4188 Cell: 917-796-4456

Irene Klotz, Health Advocate and professional Life Coach providing medical expertise for chronic illness and pain, empowered health and survival, wellness, and therapeutic counseling for emotional challenges. 

Sessions by appointment at home, your doctor's office, by FaceTime or Skype, or at her Riverdale office accessible by auto or public transportation.